Websites Blocked by Megabus Wifi / by Derek Neuland

As i'm traveling back home to Cincinnati from Buffalo, I was excited that my Megabus was not only a double decker, but also had wifi and outlets. Even though I should be trying to sleep, I decided to take advantage of the wifi.  After checking Facebook, I went to so I could watch another episode of House of Cards Season 3, when I encountered this unpleasant image: Megabus Wifi blocked site

I wasn't really that upset, it's understandable they would block a bandwidth heavy site such as Netflix.  So then I went to Reddit to browse around and kill some time, which is where I found Imgur was also blocked.  This got me curious to try and find other websites that are blocked by Megabus.

Websites Blocked by Megabus Wifi

I also found some surprising sites that weren't blocked by the Wifi:

Websites Not Blocked by Megabus Wifi

The sites that are blocked are obviously done because of high bandwidth, but it's surprising that they don't see Vine, Facebook, and Tumblr consuming as much bandwidth since they are also video and image heavy. The fact that HBO Go and Amazon Prime video isn't blocked for the same reasons Netflix and Hulu is just baffles me.  Perhaps it's just due to oversight.

Have you found any other sites that are blocked on Megabus Wifi?