Two Days in Chicago / by Derek Neuland


P1000208I like to travel and due to recently starting a full time job I haven't been able to until now. I love visiting Chicago but normally only go there during shows or events (i.e. Chicago Zine Fest). So I thought it was time I take a trip there for the sole purpose of seeing friends and exploring the city. I found a great deal on Amtrak tickets and took the 10.5 hour trip there. I love taking Amtrak and have taken many long train trips before so 10.5 hours was nothing for me.  Despite the delays and lack of sleep, this trip was no exception.

I got into Chicago around 2pm and promptly met up with Derek Fulmer at Intelligentsia Coffee. He arrived with his friends Mat Stokes and Megan. I had previously designed a website for Mat so it was nice meeting him finally.

Derek and I both got new cameras this week so we wandered around the city and took lots of pictures. Today especially I found a lot of great street art. Here are some photos from the first two days i've been here: