The Beauty of Ice Storms / by Derek Neuland

Growing up in Buffalo, NY, I'm used to snow storms. What i'm not used to is ice storms. Whenever I come across the aftermath of an ice storm, I am fascinated by it's beauty. ice storms branches

The way the ice covers each branch is incredible. It's like it's trying to preserve it until spring hits. Or the way it wraps itself around berries on a tree, almost taunting birds and squirrels wanting to eat it.

frozen berries

ice on berries

But it's not all beautiful things encapsulated in ice. Downed power lines, frozen water pipes, and car accidents are also results of the ice storm.

Frozen car

But I think there's still room to enjoy the beauty of the ice covered objects.  While most might look at ice storms as annoying and devastating, I know i'm not the only one out there taking photos of it's beauty.

Nicole taking photo