On Tour With Lemuria - Part 5 / by Derek Neuland

This is part 5 of my photo essay series about touring with Lemuria. The previous part can be found here: On Tour With Lemuria- Part 4. Or you can start from the beginning here: On Tour With Lemuria- Part 1. This brings us to our third and final member of Lemuria, drummer and singer Alex Kerns.

Alex Kerns Twin Peaks

Of everyone in Lemuria, Alex and I are the closest.  I've also known him the longest (a couple hours longer than Sheena), and was also roommates with him for a year or so.  We lived above Amy's Place, hands down the best restaurant in Buffalo, NY.  It's rare that I make a trip to Buffalo without going to Amy's Place with Alex at least once.

Alex looking far away

I love Alex because we can talk about anything and hours will go by before we know it.  This lends very well for long drives or long winters stuck inside.

Alex staring in the van

One of my favorite tour stories with Alex happened at the beginning of the Fall 2011 tour.  We just had dinner at Balloon's in Ellicottville, NY and were driving through the night to Washington DC to pick up Sheena on our way to The Fest in Gainesville, Florida.  An hour into Pennsylvania, we noticed some flashing lights in the distance ahead.

Alex sitting

At first we thought there was an accident ahead, but the lights got brighter and we didn't approach any emergency vehicles. We slowly realized the lights were coming from the sky.  A quick Google search of local news sites informed me that we were witnessing northern lights, which obviously is very rare in the middle of Pennsylvania. It was amazing and the perfect way to kick off a six week tour.

Alex drumming

Alex is a great friend and an awesome person to tour with.  We share a love for movies and taking jokes too far. He taught me everything I know about selling merch at shows, and is always willing to lend a hand when I need it.

Alex laughing

One of the things I miss about living with Alex is his "down for whatever" attitude.  There were so many times where we'd go to a random show at the last minute or drive up to Toronto at 1am just to get veggie dogs and bubble tea. I love that about Alex, he's always open to new experiences and new ideas.

Alex and Sheena are goofy And he's goofy, very very goofy. Alex can always make me laugh, which is a rare and important quality in a friend on tour.

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