Old Kentucky Barns / by Derek Neuland

Growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY I didn't encounter many barns.  Occasionally I would see one if I glanced up from my Game Boy or book on the drive to or from camping with my dad.  It wasn't until almost two years ago when I moved to Kentucky that I was regularly exposed to barns. Kentucky barn The Kentucky countryside is filled with many old dilapidated barns like this one. After continually seeing them, I started to fall in love with them.  I see this one everyday on my way to and from work and i'm always happy that it's still standing.

Grass and barnThere was a similar barn to this near where Nicole and I used to live in Walton, KY. Like this one, I would admire it everyday as I passed it.  I kept putting off walking up the road to photograph it. I ended up waiting too long because one day I rode past it and it was being torn down.  I didn't want history to repeat itself so I braved an impending storm and trekked through the muddy uncut grass to capture these photos today.

Old dilapidated barnI'm not sure why I love the ascetic of a barn that is falling apart so much.  I think it's a mixture of the weathered and broken wood, and the fact that it's stubborn and still standing against all odds.  As long as they're still standing, I plan on making more photos of them when I have the chance.

Barbed wire fence