A look ahead / by Derek Neuland

I could write about all the awesome things I did in 2014, but I'm choosing to look ahead to the next year because i'm pretty excited about it. Here are some of my goals (in no particular order):

  • Read 50 books. Last year I read 34 (with a goal of 30) books so I want to up the ante and beat that this year. I read the majority of them last year on my Kindle Paperwhite, but now that I have books displayed on shelves again, I think i'm going to try reading more print. This of course will probably change if I succumb to the temptation of buying the Kindle Voyage.
  • Get back into freelance web design/development. I miss it and want to get back into designing and creating websites again and slowly rebuild my portfolio again.
  • Do more with photography. I take photos all the time. Some get posted to Instagram or Facebook, but the majority just stay on my phone or hard drive. This year I want to do something more than I have, whether it's keep up with a regular photo blog, self publish a photo book, or something else.
  • Create more paintings/art. I didn't paint at all last year and I want to get back into the swing of things soon now that I have an office space at home that I can work.
  • Further my career. Just after passing my year at Roadtrippers, I left the company to join Modulus as a Business Development Rep. I'm loving my new position/company and I can't wait to grow more with them this year.
  • Get in shape/ eat better. I know this is cliche but it's true for me.  My goal is to drink less soda, eat less processed foods, exercise regularly, and to lose 30-40 lbs. in the next 6-9 months.
  • Write more. I love writing and I barely do it anymore. I'm going to change that.