Blake Schwarzenbach covering "Chemistry" by Jawbreaker / by Derek Neuland


Is it still considered a cover if you were in the band? I suppose so since the rest of the band isn't playing it with you. A couple nights ago I went to Rochester, NY to see Blake Schwarzenbach play a solo set. I have previously seen Jets to Brazil and The Forgetters, but this was my first time seeing him play by himself. A friend had seen him play in Austin the week before so I had some idea what to expect. The main thing I was excited about is the fact that he was playing a Jawbreaker cover on this tour. While "Chemistry" isn't my favorite song, I still really enjoyed it. I also took the opportunity to test out the video function on my new camera. I prefer still photography, but it is nice to know that my camera can shoot pretty good video and the audio doesn't sound half bad with the built in mic.

I will be posting more photos I took soon. He also closed out his set with a cover of "Drug Buddy" by the Lemonheads. Totally made my night!